Dell Technologies & Intel

Dell Technologies & Intel

DELL Technologies & Intel

Internet of Things Ad

In this project, we were assigned to create a futuristic piece showcasing the possibilities of IoT (internet of things) in use with modern businesses. We partnered with FilmSupply & MusicBed to create the video and music in this ad.


We had the pleasure of comping particle flow for a handful of shots. All CG was done using Octane Render and C4D R18. All compositing workflows were completed using After Effects.

Be sure to listen with your speakers or headphones on, the sound-design makes this video even more interesting. Our sound tech worked hard on creating sounds and tones that impact with the music and frame-to-frame transitions. They say half of a good movie is the sound, and we fully support that.

Human Nature

Human Nature

The Grass is always greener on the side that’s making headlines.

And that’s what HUMAN NATURE does best.

HUMAN NATURE is a full-service, bicoastal public relations and marketing firm with offices in New York, Sacramento and Los Angeles. We harnesses the power of creativity and innovative thinking to transform cannabis brands, products, leading voices and organizations into tomorrow’s icons of industry. #YESWECANNABIS


We partnered up with Human Nature in order to create a sleek new bumper for their brand. Created in Adobe After Effects, the goal was to keep everything as fluid as possible. No cuts. No choppy transitions. Just smooth animation from start to finish.

The simplistic modern style is meant to pay homage to the legendary Saul Bass, who created many infamous title sequences throughout the late 20th century.


San Bernardino - State of the City

San Bernardino - State of the City

San Bernardino - A look inside…

A documentary piece exploring one of America’s largest and poorest cities on the upswing in 2019.

We were assigned to film the state of the city of San Bernardino in the year 2019. A city rebuilding itself after declaring bankruptcy and shifting their political reigns to new leaders.


We shot 20+ interviews in multiple locations throughout the city. Mostly planned, some run & gun. We used a handful of techniques to bring dynamics to each interview using a mixture of both ambient and artificial light.


Get a look at some of the gear we used…

We used three different camera’s on this shoot, not inlcuding the Mavic 2 Pro. Our A-cam was a Canon C200, our B-cam a Canon 5D MKIII, and our gimbal cam a SONY a7s. We used Rokinon XEEN cine-primes.


We got the chance to fly in a helicopter, and it was awesome…

We deployed a DJI Mavic 2 Pro to gather aerials of the city as well; it was really fun to get our hands on footage from two unique bird-eye views.

Audiomoe - Body Talkin

Audiomoe - Body Talkin

Audiomoe - Body Talkin

Directed by Caleb Wheeler

This was a really rewarding project that we collaborated with Director, Caleb Wheeler on. The song is a catch, and has already found its way on national television via a Neutrogena AD. Kudos to Audiomoe for supplying the jams. We couldn’t get the hook out of our heads for weeks!

Caleb had a very specific vision and mood he wanted to emulate in each scene. From moments of glow, to pulled hues, and different types of grain, we achieved a unique look for each person on-screen. We worked overnight in the studio together perfecting each moment. Aside from color, we also masked out some objects in the dark scenes and executed the fiery on-screen graphics and the end-credits screen.

The Director of Photography Austin Sabado, stuffed his Blackmagic Ursa in a 10 gallon fish tank to shoot the underwater scenes with no damages reported! …which were a treat to color. This film was also shot on anamorphic lenses, which made this project even more cinematic. Cheers to the many people who worked hard on this! Until next time…