Audiomoe - Body Talkin

Directed by Caleb Wheeler

This was a really rewarding project that we collaborated with Director, Caleb Wheeler on. The song is a catch, and has already found its way on national television via a Neutrogena AD. Kudos to Audiomoe for supplying the jams. We couldn’t get the hook out of our heads for weeks!

Caleb had a very specific vision and mood he wanted to emulate in each scene. From moments of glow, to pulled hues, and different types of grain, we achieved a unique look for each person on-screen. We worked overnight in the studio together perfecting each moment. Aside from color, we also masked out some objects in the dark scenes and executed the fiery on-screen graphics and the end-credits screen.

The Director of Photography Austin Sabado, stuffed his Blackmagic Ursa in a 10 gallon fish tank to shoot the underwater scenes with no damages reported! …which were a treat to color. This film was also shot on anamorphic lenses, which made this project even more cinematic. Cheers to the many people who worked hard on this! Until next time…