San Bernardino - A look inside…

A documentary piece exploring one of America’s largest and poorest cities on the upswing in 2019.

We were assigned to film the state of the city of San Bernardino in the year 2019. A city rebuilding itself after declaring bankruptcy and shifting their political reigns to new leaders.


We shot 20+ interviews in multiple locations throughout the city. Mostly planned, some run & gun. We used a handful of techniques to bring dynamics to each interview using a mixture of both ambient and artificial light.


Get a look at some of the gear we used…

We used three different camera’s on this shoot, not inlcuding the Mavic 2 Pro. Our A-cam was a Canon C200, our B-cam a Canon 5D MKIII, and our gimbal cam a SONY a7s. We used Rokinon XEEN cine-primes.


We got the chance to fly in a helicopter, and it was awesome…

We deployed a DJI Mavic 2 Pro to gather aerials of the city as well; it was really fun to get our hands on footage from two unique bird-eye views.